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Most Gardeners Think Of Vines As Outdoor Athletes

Repurpose a two-foot-tall industrial cylinder with a drainage hole at the base. Most gardeners think of vines as outdoor athletes, ready to be trained up exterior fences and walls. But climbers can also soften windows inside, so long as you provide them with something to scale.

Money trees, snake plants, and Areca palms also efficiently produce oxygen while removing toxins, like formaldehyde and benzene, from the air. If you’re up for the challenge, a fiddle leaf fig can be a rewarding plant to own. These beautiful plants can be shaped into trees or left in a bush shape, and they require bright natural light to thrive. Keep this plant away from drafts, and pay close attention to its soil moisture levels to avoid over- or under-watering. Named for its coin-shaped leaves, Chinese money plants, or pilea plants, offer a splash of green color that can brighten any room. Monstera plants add color to spaces as well but are much larger house plants than pilea plants.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up low-maintenance Makkelijke kamerplanten that won’t require a spot on your already-crowded window sill. Finally, you’ll be able to display some green in spots you never thought were possible like in the dark corner of your bedroom or along the wall on the same side as your biggest window. Popular varieties including pothos, dragon plants, succulents, and much more are ready to open your world up to simple, more flexible ways of incorporating plant life into your aesthetic. The best place for your house plant depends on the plant, but getting that info isn’t hard. Just search the name of your plant to find out if it will be happiest in direct sunlight, indirect sunlight or lower light. Then assess your space for sunlight, what direction your windows face and the average temperature and humidity.

During World War II, houseplants became more common in offices, which began to more closely resemble the domestic environment as more women entered the workforce. In the 1920s, commercial houseplant production began in California, focused on the Kentia palm and the pothos , later expanding to include Philodendron and Araucaria species in the 1940s. Another easy-going, low-maintenance plant, the Dracaena Gold Star can easily adapt to a wide range of low to high light environments. It’s an easy, fun way to dress up that awkward empty corner in your space by putting some life in it. Tend to kill any flowers your friends buy you within a couple of days?

Fix leggy indoor plants with this easy propagation technique. Why go with cut roses when you can add splashes of color from living flowers that bloom anywhere from days to months? Use exotic potted flowers such as orchids as accent pieces to add a pop to any room. Once you know how to care for orchids, they’re easy to grow. Their flowers last a long time, and if you are patient and provide the right conditions, they will put out new flower stalks. Succulents such as the popular Crassula ovata, known as jade plant, lucky plant, or the money tree, are perfect for indoor-plant newbies.

Try cinnamon basil or purple basil for something different. The common name ‘dumb cane’ doesn’t do much to describe the elegant Dieffenbachia, which exhibits large speckled and splotched leaves in humid areas with bright light. Provide moderate moisture, and keep the toxic leaves away from kids and pets.

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