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Located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong, Garden Plus is managed by a group of enthusiastic people who love outdoor lives. On Lantau Island, there are a lot of households who have their own garden. Out of the experience managing our own farms and gardens on Lantau island, Garden Plus understand what really fit Hong Kong outdoor life. Most homeowners can handle an area of up to about 300 square feet as a DIY job; this is an approximate figure we heard at Purchase Green and repeated elsewhere. Harry Sawyers is a Wirecutter senior editor who has edited outdoor power equipment reviews and other lawn and garden articles for Wirecutter, Popular Mechanics, This Old House, and other publications. He previously worked as a professional landscaper in Georgia and now uses a combination of lawn mowers and string trimmers to clear his large backyard hillside every spring as required by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The borders should likely be staked down without showing a ragged edge. Ideally you won’t see two different colors from one piece to the next. Hopefully any investment in a barrier of metal mesh will convince the gophers to go elsewhere.

You can either do this with a spade or hire a Graszoden kopen cutter to remove easier. To save on costs many people decide to undergo the project themselves. Although it can be quite daunting, it is simpler than you think. PFAS chemicals have also been found in turf samples, possibly a residual from the extrusion process. However, the latter argument ignores the scientific studies of the impact of these chemicals on obesity and children’s healthy emotional and cognitive development.

When we reconvened to compare our research notes, however, some issues emerged to cast doubt on the value and sustainability of the entire product category. They’re pleased with the results of the 30-by-20-foot installation, and they told us that the kids and their two dogs love it . “We have never spent more time in our backyard, so it was very worth it and we only wish we would have done it years ago,” they said.

Combined with the cost of the turf itself, you’d be paying about $75–$100 per square meter, meaning a 50m2 backyard could cost anywhere between $3750 and $5500 to install. Professional installation will cost about $55–$60 per square metre depending on the difficulty of the job. Although it may be worth doing it yourself if you only have a small area to cover, it’s probably worth investing in professional installation if you’re looking to install an entire backyard. A professional installation can cost about twice as much as DIY. “”If there are drainage issues and the water is draining unfiltered away from properties, there will be a real risk of exporting microplastics into the waterways,”” says Pfautsch.

After the introduction of AstroTurf, it came to be used for tennis courts, both indoor and outdoor, though only a small minority of courts use the surface. Both infill and non-infill versions are used, and are typically considered medium-fast to fast surfaces under the International Tennis Federation’s classification scheme. A distinct form found in tennis is an “”artificial clay”” surface, which seeks to simulate a clay court by using a very short pile carpet with an infill of the same loose aggregate used for clay courts that rises above the carpet fibers. The fact that you have options in hardscaping and drought-tolerant shrubbery probably isn’t news to you. That radical concept lay at the heart of the conversation surrounding Megan Garber’s excellent 2015 article in The Atlantic titled “The Life and Death of the American Lawn.” Fair points, but let’s not shut the door on the whole deal just yet. After all, you might still want an open space for kids and pets to play.

In June 2009, following a match played at Estadio Ricardo Saprissa in Costa Rica, American national team manager Bob Bradley called on FIFA to “”have some courage”” and ban artificial surfaces. Arena football is played indoors on the older short-pile artificial turf. The solution was to install a new type of artificial grass on the field, ChemGrass, which became known as AstroTurf.

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