The Puzzle Infographics template is a must-have!

Make sure all the puzzle pieces are stuck completely so that there is no piece that is peeling off. You’d have to have the right kind of glue to be able to attach the first two materials fully and well. This is because it would enable you to apply glue evenly and none of the pieces would be peeling off when you’ve cut up your puzzle. Abstract social background, connected color puzzles, integrated… Circle arrows diagram for graph infographic presentation with steps parts options.

White space is an important aspect in every design. It refers to the space left between the elements in any composition. The more white space there is, the less crowded your slides are. Venn diagrams are a great way to present information to your audience in an easier to understand way.

This freebie includes puzzle piece templates for a two-part puzzle and a four-part puzzle- perfect for matching activities! I have included an image of the entire puzzle, as well as the individual parts for each. Then, with the help of scissors cut out the puzzle pieces.

The layout, use of objects, layering, and color scheme make this template a must-have. Use it for all types of business presentations or personal ones. puzzle pieces template by hislide pieces toy icon isolated on white background. ’Stages’ here means the number of divisions or graphic elements in the slide. For example, if you want a 4 piece puzzle slide, you can search for the word ‘puzzles’ and then select 4 ‘Stages’ here.

Explaining a complicated business case or project requires showing how parts fit together into a cohesive whole. Use a PowerPoint puzzle piece graphic to do precisely that. Start by selecting and downloading a PowerPoint jigsaw puzzle template. In our example with a few quick tips, we’ll use the premium Puzzle Diagram PowerPoint template from Elements. This template is loaded with a variety of puzzle graphics that are perfect for the occasion. The Puzzle Infographics template is a must-have!

An analogous color scheme consists of three colors that are one next to each other in the color wheel. This makes for a really balanced and harmonious color scheme. PowerPoint presentations with this kind of color palette will probably look very relaxed and easy in the eyes. This design style for a presentation is bold and engaging but can be a challenge if you aren’t comfortable with that much color. PowerPoint comes with a number of built-in color themes available for use.

Here you can set up to 12 color variants for the same presentation. Each color you configure here will be used for different purposes in your presentation. Premium templates have professional designs, but you can still customize the slides. Change colors, use a different font, drop in your photos, add icons. There are plenty of ways to add your personal details to your PowerPoint template. This PowerPoint color scheme template makes use of colorful bars that resemble a vertical rainbow.

Every month Envato Elements offers 12 different hand-selected files, . Create a free account to downloadthis month’s free premium filesnow. When you click the drop-down arrow in the Themes group, you’ll see the custom theme under Custom. The new background will appear in each slide of your presentation. As you can see in the example below, changing the background style will not affect background textures. Select Effects, then hover the mouse over the different theme effects to see a live preview.

If your brandbook defines colors as CMYK or if your web guidelines use HEX, you need to convert them to RGB. There are multiple services online that can help you with this – just Google. Looking for a great way to reuse your favorite PowerPoint slides and objects? PowerPoint Create New Theme Colors menu boxThe ‘Create New Theme Colors’ box has a list of Background and Accent colors.

Also, with this color combination, the idea of a minimal overall slide structure is nice so that the power of the colors and impact comes through. They work beside images in full color or black and white. While the above color scheme also includes a hint of yellow for accents, the teal color option is strong enough to stand alone. It also pairs amazingly well with black and white images. A modern take on a monotone color scheme involves using two similar colors that aren’t exactly tints and tones of one another. This pairing of dark green and light green does precisely that.

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