Mobile security patrols can scale up or down

The vast majority are recruited from the British Armed Forces and Police services, in line with our Armed Forces Corporate Covenant pledge to veterans and reservists. Our fully trained and SIA licensed mobile security patrol officers are a highly effective and cost saving alternative to static security guards to keep your property safe and secure. Residential and commercial mobile patrols have long been recognised as a proven deterrent against criminal activities. Random police patrols are often not frequent enough and neighbourhood watch committees have neither the training nor experience to effectively deal with potential security threats in the same way as our residential security patrols. Our security guard and mobile security patrols london vehicle will attend your London home or premises at random or scheduled times throughout the day and night.

It’s a cost-effective choice particularly for large scale projects and where only periodic checks are required. Our Patrol Officers will fill out a full report after each patrol to notify you of any necessary information and action we have taken. If police intervention is required, we can call the police on your behalf and notify you immediately. Training for the officers to ensure they are ready for any given task and can demonstrate professional behaviour on-site.

This does not only serve as a deterrent but can also be extremely helpful in the early identification of possible problems. To find out how you can increase security and reduce the costs of protecting your premises, contact us today for details of our free security audits and insight workshops. Consider how much impact it would have on your business if a key member of staff has responded to an alarm activation in the middle of the night and then has to be back in work first thing in the morning. Click here to see how our services have been successfully keeping our clients safe and secure. At G3 Security, all visits to the contracted premises are computer recorded and are arranged at irregular times to avoid forming a noticeable pattern that could be exploited by criminals.

Most businesses have security needs, but not all businesses need security 24/7. Whether your security requirements can be measured in minutes or hours, one security officer or many, our mobile security patrols can scale up or down to give your site the protection it needs. Our security benefits can be provided 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year over more than one site. ALPHA Security mobile patrol security guards use liveried vehicles to offer 360-degree protection to the secured area levying extra precaution for high risk or danger prone areas. All visits to your premises, by our Security Guard Patrols are automatically recorded, and arranged to be at irregular times so as not to create a noticeable pattern that could be exploited by criminal elements.

We can tailor a solution using a combination of services to best meet your needs, including static guards, CCTV, mobile patrols, K9 services and key holding. Clients can take our services on a short or long-term basis, and we are available to assist you with mobile patrols nationwide. Many clients have benefited from our mobile patrol services during times where their property may be vacant for long periods of times. This can be during Christmas, Easter and Summer Bank Holidays, or other times of the year where there may not be anyone to monitor the site. We offer an unrivalled range of security provisions at Omni Security, including our mobile patrol services.

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