Led Strip Lights

Extra wire for single color, tunable white, or RGB projects. This battery pack can be used to power your 12V led strip lights in portable scenarios. Choose the power supply option that best fits your lighting installation. Extremely bright and color selectable light fixtures. 120V power input for driverless and easy installations. Easily sort through our LED strip light options, and choose the one that best suits your project.

Traditionally, strip lights had been used solely in accent lighting, backlighting, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications. A DC low-voltage dimmer or controller is typically in the form of a manual or digital dimmer module that is placed between the DC power supply and the LED strip. This approach is best suited for color changing applications or less permanent lighting installations.

The color will transition from yellow to yellowish white to white and then a bluish white as the Kelvin temperature rises. Our sleek and slender strip lights have been designed and brought to life with finesse by our exceptionally skilled designers and artisans. Each of the variants from this exclusive and exquisite range is simply outstanding and would look absolutely stunning even if you choose not to conceal them in the decor. If there’s anything that can make or break your decor, it is layered lighting.

This allows the strip to operate at the same power level and brightness along its entire length, or with some variation in the driver voltage. Ledure Led strips is the perfect solution for indirect light application . Its provides the flexibility to the user as its fits in small spaces and can be cut in different sizes according the need of the architect. High lumens per Led and high quality thick PCB gives it a long life & a good lighting power.

Over the years, millions have entrusted us with the resplendent visions of their decor, and we have and continue to stand up to their expectations. Be a part of the White Teak family and take home a part of our legacy that epitomises luxury. Tunable White easily switches between activating work light and atmospheric warm light for relaxing. The color-changing LED Strip versions provide modern accents in any ambience. All of the lighting designs from The White Teak’s architectural lighting collection are unmatched, and you’ll find no better LED strip lights for home decoration anywhere else.

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