How to Install a Rose and Glass Dome Light Kit

A rose and glass dome is a stunning piece that could turn any living room into an elegant and romantic setting. It can be very simple to build using just the right plans, or if you want to go a little extra you could use a designer plan to help make your project go even more smoothly. Either way, this article will give you all the information you need to take your creation to the next level.

Easy to Install: Before starting your project, it’s important to know how to install a rose and glass dome safely. To begin, remove the protective glass from the previous wooden base by unscrewing it. Once removed, detach the trim from its wooden posts and unscrew those also. Now you can attach the rose to its posts with the screws you were provided with.

Next, attach the base of the rose to the ceiling joists. Use a piece of plumber’s tape to hold in the base and screw the rose onto the base. Once it is completely installed, remove the tape and attach the other end to the ceiling where the flowers will hang.

Make the Rose and Glass Dome As You Want It: After your rose and glass dome is completed it is important to let it sit and “bake” for a few weeks. When planning your design, make a sketch of where the different parts of the piece will go. Use a water-resistant mat to prevent water damage to both the Rose and Glass Dome as well as the wires and circuits below. Once completed, test your setup to ensure the roses are not tripped over.

Bring in the Lights: The final step is to bring in your lights. Using the same style of wires that were used in the original setup, attach each wire to the corresponding post. Attach the dome to the wall and the lights inside. Turn the lights on and enjoy your rose and glass dome. Visit to understand what chances you have.

To add some flare, we added a few bulbs at the top of the dome to give it a unique flair. We used a standard incandescent bulb but you can use whatever you like. All we are sure of is that this will add a unique look to any room of your choice! With your dome installed, turn your lights on and watch the beautiful colors dance across the ceiling. Before you know it your decorations will be a hit.

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