Different Types Of Web Hosting

A web hosting service, also referred to as web hosting, is an online service which enables people and organizations to create their own website accessible through the World Wide Web using on-demand Internet connection. Such service enables organizations and individuals to post information and make presentations on the Internet, including blogs, forums, and mailing lists. It may also be used to share documents and files. As a result, a web hosting provider has significant contributions in the areas of computer technology, information technology, telecommunications and e-business.

There are various kinds of web hosting plans offered by web host providers. These include the free web hosting services, which come with limited resources and bandwidth. The paid web hosting service providers offer extensive facilities in terms of space, data transfer, emails, advertisements and other related services. Some of the widely popular services include the shared, reseller, virtual, dedicated, managed, clustered and home servers. Reseller web hosting plans enable one to easily manage a small database of websites while virtual server hosts allow individuals and businesses to establish a number of websites on the same servers.

The shared hosting plans in most cases provide limited access to resources such as disk space and bandwidth. Although it is comparatively cheaper than the other types of plans, it provides limited capacity. On the other hand, the reseller hosting plan enables one to host a number of websites on the same server, which is normally housed on a dedicated server provided by the web host. A virtual host also allows one to create a virtual version of his website, which is a sub-domain of his primary website.

Home servers are designed to accommodate a specific type of software applications. This type of web hosting option includes the use of an operating system and the configuration of the software on the machine. A domain name is usually created using the local computer’s name rather than typing a domain name in the browser. You can get more information about wordpress hosting bangladesh

A virtual private server is a highly efficient web hosting plan that makes use of virtualization technologies and a clustered configuration. This is an ideal web hosting option for shared hosting plans. It is ideal for businesses with more than ten websites. Virtual private servers are normally based on the hypervisor technology of the operating system such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. With virtual private servers, one can easily expand the capacity of his websites without worrying about the financial burden.

Reseller hosting allows one to easily resell any number of services such as disk space, bandwidth and emails to clients. There are two ways to use reseller hosting. One can use it to host one’s own website or create a hosting account and sell bandwidth, disk space and emails to others. In this case, reseller hosting plans come at a much cheaper price. However, one cannot easily resell bandwidth and disk space to other websites as these services require special access and permission policies.

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